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Mohala & Friends Seattle Giveaway

Mohala Nordstrom Trunk Show Giveaway Downtown Seattle

Follow all brands on Instagram for 50 BONUS ENTRIES. 

@MohalaEyewear custom prescription glasses with clear lenses ($300)
@GirlfriendCollective $100 gift card
@PashionFootwear your choice of shoes up to $190
@JaxonLane $100 skincare gift card
@HeliasOils good vibes kit + passion and calm home mists ($105)
@GetYouthforia makeup BYO blush in 6 colors + dewy gloss lip treatment ($211)
@ILYSM.jpg knit tabi shoes $150 gift card
@BomaJewelry $100 gift card
@LavantCollective fresh linen hand soap, dish soap, multipurpose cleaner, multipurpose wipes pack, candle ($122)
@KariGranSkin Essential Cleansing Oil, Essential Hydrating Tonic, Essential Serum and Essential SPF ($191)
@SeneStudio custom made jeans ($149)

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