Three reasons to upgrade to polarized lenses. And one not to.

Three reasons to upgrade to polarized lenses. And one not to.

Aloha, Sunshine! 

Do you squint while driving more than you would like? Or is it a strain on your eyes to walk down the sunny side of the street? What about chasing after your kids, trying to see through the sun’s glare? Your sunglasses with dark lenses help to reduce brightness but they won’t reduce the sun’s glare.


That’s the dramatic difference polarized lenses can make in your life. These lenses contain a special chemical filter that blocks intense, horizontal, reflected light while still allowing the vertical waves of light to pass through. This allows you to eliminate the glare while still letting you see clearly and comfortably. And because the glare is reduced, polarized lenses also give you deeper colors and more spectacular vistas.


The downside of polarized lenses is they don’t work well with LED screens. If you’re using a map app on your smartphone while trying to find your destination or you’re texting at the beach, then non-polarized lenses will be better for these tasks.


All in all, it’s nice to have a pair of each so it can suit your task at hand and most importantly provide you with 100% UV protection. All Mohala sunglasses are UV 400 and provide 100% UV protection. For polarized and non-polarized options click here. Not only will you be protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays while looking fab, but you’ll also be sending a girl to school for one week with each purchase.


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