Aloha Collection X Mohala Eyewear Eyewear Mid Pouch

$ 40

Aloha Collection X Mohala Eyewear Eyewear Mid Pouch

$ 40

Every purchase sends a girl to school

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Each sunglasses comes with a free collapsible case and pouch that will be automatically added to your cart. Enjoy!


The ultimate organizer

Botanical orchid vines decorate our Aloha Collection x Mohala Eyewear Mid Pouch. And one day of school is donated to Room to Read for each pouch sold.

- Pack your toiletries and keep your suitcase leak-free
- Made out of a special technical material to protect your stuff against splashes, spills, and weather while you go from point A to point B
- The perfect companion for your beach tote or mama bag, stash your sunscreen, kids markers, or wet clothing in a mid-size pouch to keep your wet stuff separate!
- Use as a full-size clutch from beach to bar
- Measures 11.5" across x 2" wide x 8.5" tall

For our bright future
For our bright future

What the ladies are saying


"Cant get enough of these bags.  The mid aloha bag is the best for anything from daily clutch and packing stuff like baby care items or personal belongings when running out and the mohala design gives it just the right touch of pretty."

- Cecily E.

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